Lectures and workshops

Critical Making: Hacking Gender Bias in Engineering Studies. Summer Semester 2019/20, Technical University, Berlin

The Future of Technology. Winter semester 2018/19, Technical University, Berlin.

Changes in Digital Technologies and Information Technology. Winter semester 2018/19, Technical University, Berlin.

Vocational Study Projects for K-12 Students. Summer semester 2017/18, Technical University, Berlin.

Social Business Model Canvas for Social-Digital Entrepreneurs. 2017, Berlin and Hungary, Social-Digital Innovation Incubator.

Due Diligence Before Launching a Social-Digital Idea. 2017, Berlin and Hungary, Social-Digital Innovation Barcamps.

Creative Industries: Getting Started with Social Innovation. Winter semester 2015/16, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.


The Critical Making Movement. How Using Critical Thinking in Technological Practice can Make a Difference In 35C3 – Refreshing Memories. Chaos Computer Club e.V., ISBN 978-3-947720-31-6, Ach je Verlag, Berlin. 2019.

Life Long Learning: Protection from the Negative Effects of Industry 4.0  (Ami megvéd az Ipar 4.0 negatív hatásaival szemben: tanulás). Budapest, Hungary. Elektronet, 2018/5.

Digital Innovation Made in Africa For Sustainable and Inclusive Development. GIZ. Berlin/Bonn, Germany. 1st Edition, November 2017.

Better, Faster: About the 150 Years Old ITU’s Conference in Budapest (Jobbat, gyorsabban: A 150 éves ITU budapesti konferenciájáról). Budapest, Ungarn. Elektronet, 2015/7.

Time for Ideas. ITU News, Geneva, Switzerland, 2013/4.


The Social-Digital Innovation Incubation Program Toolkit. Tools for Bringing Social and Open-Source Tech Together. OER. Berlin, 2018.

Innovation Hubs as Political Actors in the Global South – working title

Social Innovation of Networked Local Solutions: Open Cooperativism and Massive Small Change – working title