Acquired Grants

Lectures and workshops

Critical Making: Hacking Innovation Bias. Summer and winter semesters 2019-2023, Technical University of Berlin in cooperation with Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation, Berlin University Alliance.

Researching Critical Making, Grassroots Innovation and Postcolonial Computing. Summer semester 2022, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

Knowledge Production with Makers: Situatedness, Infrastructuring, and Criticality – 3 Emerging Research Topics. Citizen Science Social School: Social Dimensions in Citizen Science. Universitat de Barcelona. Winter Semester 2021/2022.

Critical Technical Practice in Social Innovation – Cases from the Global South. Summer Semester 2020/2021, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Masterstudiengang Soziale Innovation.

Social Innovation in Critical Technical Practice in Indonesia. Winter Semester 2020/2021, hybrid plattform: Global Makerspaces – Critical Perspectives, Positions and Practices. University of Arts and Technical University of Berlin.

The Future of Technology. Winter semester 2018/19, Technical University of Berlin.

Changes in Digital Technologies and Information Technology. Winter semester 2018/19, Technical University, Berlin.

Vocational Study Projects for K-12 Students. Summer semester 2017/18, Technical University, Berlin.

Social Business Model Canvas for Social-Digital Entrepreneurs. 2017, Berlin and Hungary, Social-Digital Innovation Incubator.

Due Diligence Before Launching a Social-Digital Idea. 2017, Berlin and Hungary, Social-Digital Innovation Barcamps.

Creative Industries: Getting Started with Social Innovation. Winter semester 2015/16, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.


Sipos, R., Zuo, A., Maciel, N.D., Mou, P., Kuijpers, M., Soumo, E.A., Kiss, D., Ceccon, A. (2023): Welcome to Planet B: Co-Designing Multidisciplinary Research Questions to Uncover Super Wicked Problems. (under submission)

Sipos, R., Klose, J., Kutschera, A. (2023): Sparking Meta-Discussions for Critical Thinking in Vocational Education: Critical Making Workshops. (under submission)

Sipos, R., Åkerman, M. (2023): Introducing the Critical Making Responsibility Framework for Analyzing Responsible Innovation Processes in Grassroots Practices. In: Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research. (in print)

Sipos, R. Åkerman, M., Saari, H., Kieslinger, B. (2022): Critical Making Responsibility Framework. Extending an Academic Proposal to Support Reflexivity in Maker Communities. FAB17: Proceedings of the MIT FAB17 Fab Fest Bali Academic Conference. This submission received “Best Paper Award”.

Sipos, R., Åkerman, M. (2022): Critical Making Case Actions and Methodologies. A Methodological Toolbox, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5948298

Sipos, R., Wenzelmann, V. (2021): Regional Good Practices: Accelerating Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation – Africa Region. A report written for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Geneva.

Saari, H., Åkerman, M., Kieslinger, B., Myllyoja, J., Sipos, R. (2021): How Open Is the Maker Movement? Integrative Literature Review of the Openness Practices in the Global Maker Movement. Sustainability 2021, 13, 13559.

Sipos, R. Åkerman, M., Wenzelmann, V. (2021): Critical Making Baseline: Towards a Critical Making Responsibility Framework, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6907490

Sipos, R. (2021): Interview mit Garnet Hertz. In: Handbook Fab Labs: Einrichtung, Finanzierung, Betrieb, Forschung & Lehre. Bombini Verlag, Bonn. ISBN 978-3-946496-26-7

Sipos, R.; Wenzelmann, V. (2021): Critical Making with and For Communities: Community-Driven Critical Making Grounded in Practitioners’ Perspectives on Definition and Praxis. C&T’21: proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Communities & Technologies – Wicked Problems in the Age of Tech, Seattle, USA, June 2021. 

Sipos, R., Kieslinger, B., Stilz, M. (2021): Critical Making Consortium: Studying Responsible Research and Innovation Principles in the Maker Community. Proceedings of the Objectif Sciences International 12th Geneva Forum at United Nations Conference, 2020.

Sipos, R., Franzl, K. (2020): Tracing the History of DIY and Maker Culture in Germany. In: Digital Culture and Society special issue on Alternative Histories in DIY Cultures and Maker Utopias.

Sipos, R., Wenzelmann V.; Critical Making with and for Communities. C&T ’19: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Communities & Technologies – Transforming Communities, June 2019, Pages 323–330,

Sipos, R., Chinoy, S., Ruiz, R.: The Critical Making Movement. How Using Critical Thinking in Technological Practice can Make a Difference. In 35C3 – Refreshing Memories. Chaos Computer Club e.V., ISBN 978-3-947720-31-6, Ach je Verlag, Berlin. 2019.

Sipos, R.: Life Long Learning: Protection from the Negative Effects of Industry 4.0  (Ami megvéd az Ipar 4.0 negatív hatásaival szemben: tanulás). Budapest, Hungary. Elektronet, 2018/5.

Sipos, R.: Digital Innovation Made in Africa For Sustainable and Inclusive Development. GIZ. Berlin/Bonn, Germany. 1st Edition, November 2017.

Sipos, R.: Better, Faster: About the 150 Years Old ITU’s Conference in Budapest (Jobbat, gyorsabban: A 150 éves ITU budapesti konferenciájáról). Budapest, Ungarn. Elektronet, 2015/7.

Sipos, R.: Time for Ideas. ITU News, Geneva, Switzerland, 2013/4.

Peer Reviewer

Environmental Science and Policy, Elsevier

Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, Taylor and Francis

Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation, fteval

Frontiers in Human Dynamics 

Conference Program Committees

Program Committee Member, International Conference on Communities and Technologies C&T 2023