I’m a social entrepreneur, researcher, educator and freelancer, focused on technology and society.

Social entrepreneurship

I’m the Founder and Director of the Social-Digital Innovation Initiative, facilitating, promoting and supporting the cross-pollination of the world of open source technology and social entrepreneurship and incubating financially sustainable social businesses. I have worked with 100+ startups worldwide and am looking forward to working with many more.

My approach to social entrepreneurship was shaped by my roles as Manager Ashoka Digital at Ashoka Germany, the Google Impact Challenge Germany accelerator program, and as Innovation Programs Manager at the International Telecommunication Union. Here, I founded the Young Innovators Program, the United Nations’ first co-creation and ideation platform supporting social entrepreneurs working with technology worldwide. In this role, I was also responsible for The Lab, an interactive learning space on art, technology and society in cooperation with Ars Electronica.


I am a Research Associate and PhD Candidate at the Technical University of Berlin, currently writing my thesis about social innovation in critical technical practice in Germany and Indonesia. My research focus is on:

  • Non-market, community-driven social innovation
  • Grassroots and local solutions and their relationship to global networks
  • Open source technology and critical maker culture
  • Appropriate technology for social innovation

I am also a Scientific Staff Member at the Technical University Berlin, focusing on collaborative technology design and society, fablabs and makerspaces and teaching a number of classes on digital tools in the classroom, the future of technology and prototyping technology for social good. I am a Steering Committee Member at the Centre for Internet and Human Rights at the European University Viadrina and an Executive Board Member of the Global Innovation Gathering, a network of changemakers in technology.


As a freelancer I use my skills to advocate for cooperation, openness and inclusion. I supported CERN with #AttractYoung, a collaborative tech transfer hackathon, ran speculative workshops for multidisciplinary teams at Ars Electronica, worked with GIZ to scout and support socially oriented tech startups in West Africa and map the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia. I also supported entrepreneurial endeavours reforming vocational training in Germany.

My hobbies include rugby, upright bass, reading, community radios, critical DIY and languages: I speak Hungarian, English, German, Dutch, French and I’m learning Indonesian.