Social-Digital Innovation Initiative

Indonesia, Summer 2020

An affordable UV-C light box to disinfect doctors’ clothes in hospitals.

Wearable technology alerting when passersby’s come too close in public spaces.

Microbit Alarm System, a community alarm system to alert neighbours if someone falls ill. The target audience is parents of people working in the fields. 

Covfree: a kids’ hat that buzzes when its wearer is about to touch their face to help them avoid catching Covid-19.

Pameran Virtual: a virtual exhibition app to help art remain available to everyone. 

A project in which 3 teams united to develop a platform to share solutions for local production and circular economy and ecology.

Hungary, Fall 2017

The Cloudess community has been launched to inspire undergraduate and also freshly graduated women to build a successful career in the technology and business sectors. Their mission is to promote a paradigm shift of in mindsets and help to break the glass ceiling.

ENVIENTA is a next generation sharing economy model, a DIY maker movement, a community-based solution package and ultimately a sustainable, cost effective and decentralized socioeconomic framework for the 21st century. ENVIENTA is also a P2P open source platform cooperative, which provides shared know-how, blueprints, products and resources for members.

LifeBot is a remote-controlled rescue robot that helps rescue teams to safely find survivors and apply on-site medical treatments.

The MET3R app is smart energy service that gives personalised advice on how to lower your home’s energy use. With MET3R you save money, reduce your CO2 footprint and get new comfort and security features for your home.

Berlin, Summer 2017

LensShift, the resource hub for responsible social impact is a platform aimed at addressing misguided development and social impact work.

Fintech for the UnBanked is a mobile savings account that nudges people with a low income, migrants, and homeless into managing their money better.

Free the Data is an initiative to develop a suite of free and open-source software to enable users to cross-channel their data into user-managed, distributed and blockchain-secured database(s).

Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub) is a global and interdisciplinary Community of Practice for menstrual health actors and organizations that seeks to overcome geographical and thematic barriers to help professionalize a fragmented field, and strengthen collective impact at the local, national, regional and global level.

GIZ Make-IT Programme

EABF, West-Africa, November 2017

Gebeya, active in Ethiopia and Kenya, is building a-self-sustained ecosystem that trains, hires and incubates the best of African talent.

Fashpa from Nigeria is a vertically integrated platform that combines ecommerce and on demand manufacturing to provide fashion at scale.

Riby from Nigeria provides a platform to manage community-based access to finance, savings, lending and investment, from peer-to-peer, to groups and individuals.

GoMetro is a Flexible Mobility Platform that produces actionable business intelligence on the transport network of a city in South Africa.

ClinicMaster in Uganda is an integrated healthcare information management and medical billing software. It automates patients’ transactions in the clinic or hospital on a visit basis and daily procedures.

Truuscore from Ghana is a credit information service which uses a person-centered algorithm to enable credit scoring for the financially excluded populace.

LifeBank helps hospitals discover essential medical products and delivers to the hospital in the right condition in Nigeria.

Mamalette is an early stage social enterprise that connects pregnant women and new mothers to proven and evidence based life-saving information through our network of Mamalette groups all across Nigeria.

Prepclass is a Nigerian hyperlocal marketplace that connects learners who need help with vetted and trusted independent tutors looking to offer their services.

TradeDepot’s B2B marketplace connects Consumer Goods brands directly to millions of small and mid-sized FMCG retailers in emerging markets in Nigeria.

Firefly from Senegal uses digital technologies to empower, connect and build urban transportation in Africa.

Golix from Zimbabwe uses digital currencies such as bitcoin to help people in Africa make international payments.

IbuHub from Zimbabwe identifies and brings together Africa’s young entrepreneurs into a support ecosystem that grows technology and diverse innovation centric start-up ideas into commercially viable ventures.

Happierco from the Benin Republic is a modern solution that helps companies improve employees’ performance and engagement. It helps an entire company stay aligned and focused on priorities by setting clear goals and monitoring daily actions to achieve them effectively.

Young at Heart Ghana is empowering the next generation of digital innovators by providing children and youth with digital literacy training and platforms that incorporate Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math (STEAM) and problem solving skills.

Young Innovators Competition, International Telecommunication Union


Broad Street Maps: Last-mile communities are often excluded from physical access to health
care. Two women decided to combine geographic and health data help NGOs and other organizations take smarter, data-driven decisions, thanks to Broad Street Maps.

Chipsafer was designed to facilitate full transparency on foot and mouth disease and other anomalies in kettle. It has the potential of saving Uruguay and other countries from economic crises using sensors and satellite technology.

Connected Eco from France/Mali is a solar-powered sensor providing real-time analysis of soil conditions and irrigation needs.

The Slovakian team of Excalibur revolutionises authentication and trust in the digital world by removing the weakest link: no more usernames, no more passwords.

Foodring fights food waste and supporting low-income families by creating easy access to food just before end of shelf-life at low prices.

Gradberry-Tara is a career and courses hybrid platform designed to tackle youth unemployment in the Middle-East using smart algorithms to avoid skills mismatch and link freshly graduated job seekers with companies.

Incept from Tunisia is an interactive, multilingual augmented reality app for museums and historic sites.

Making Sense of Sensor Technology is a wireless smart sensor technology applied to waste disposal networks in India.

Matti is a Colombian GPS-based social app that raises awareness on recycling and climate change.

NAJI – Mobile is Your Saviour is an Iranian project, creating an app and bracelet using body sensor networks to locate people missing in natural disasters.

Random Startup, founded in Romania is a free start-up discovery engine that allows users to find entrepreneurial minds from around the world, enabling start-ups to connect with potential users or buyers, as well as serving as inspiration for those wishing to start a new venture.

School Administration Management Solution (SAMS) is aimed at teachers setting up private schools and academies within Myanmar’s reforming education sector. SAMS provides management skills, and includes Student Affairs and Teaching Affairs, HR Management, Financial and Inventory Control and other tools and skills needed for administration.

Soko is a Kenyan social e-commerce platform that connects craftswomen in developing countries to the global marketplace using simply a mobile phone.Solar installations at zero upfront cost with a microcontroller and sensors communicate continuously educating users with insight into and control over their system performance all over Nigeria by SolarKobo.

SoMeC (Social Media Coordination) from India is a web app to identify social media influencers and improve disaster response coordination.

Switotwins uses digital storytelling in peace building, mediation, intercultural communication and conflict transformation in the Philippines by inspiring people to become culturally conscientious individuals.

TeleMuseum from Uganda is an online virtual museum preserving and digitalising African local content, oral traditions and culture in cinema.

TactiX from Turkey is a single board powered smartphone which focuses on connectivity through cellular WiFi and mobile Internet connection; with a tactile display it can display shapes, smileys and 100+ braille characters and with a new kind of braille typing area, one can write rapidly in braille using the phone.

Unplugged is a project that aims to develop a secure decentralised information exchange platform in the USA.

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