Last-mile communities are often excluded from physical access to health care. Two women decided to combine geographic and health data help NGOs and other organisations take smarter, data-driven decisions, thanks to Broad Street Maps.


Chipsafer was designed to facilitate full transparency on foot and mouth disease and other anomalies in kettle. It has the potential of saving Uruguay and other countries from economic crises using sensors and satellite technology.


The Slovakian team of Excalibur revolutionises authentication and trust in the digital world by removing the weakest link: no more usernames, no more passwords.


Foodring fights food waste and supporting low-income families by creating easy access to food just before end of shelf-life at low prices.


Gradberry-Tara is a career and courses hybrid platform designed to tackle youth unemployment in the Middle-East using smart algorithms to avoid skills mismatch and link freshly graduated job seekers with companies.


Recognising the difficulties of fishermen working along the coastline of Vietnam, Land-Sea Digital Bridge designed a reliable tablet-based digital radio system connecting fishing boats and shore stations.

Soko is a Kenyan e-commerce platform that connects craftswomen in developing countries to the global marketplace using simply a mobile phone.


Solar installations at zero upfront cost with a microcontroller and sensors communicate continuously educating users with insight into and control over their system performance all over Nigeria.


Switotwins uses digital storytelling in peace building, mediation, intercultural communication and conflict transformation in the Philippines by inspiring people to become culturally conscientious individuals.


With 2M+ monthly readers, the Indian Youth Ki Awaaz has become one of the most important citizen journalism platform worldwide, challenging the status quo with its highly inclusive news stories.